Smartdoggy Academy Obedience Class Schedules

Wednesday 8:30pm
Basic Pet Obedience Group Class

Thursday  8:00pm
Puppy Kindergarten

Sunday 11:30am
Puppy Kindergarten

Sunday  1:30pm
Basic Pet Obedience Group Class

Sunday  3:00pm
Behavioral Improvement and Conditioning Group Obedience class

Sunday 4:15pm
SD QuickFix Clinic

Agility Dogsports Class Schedule

Thursday  9pm-10:30pm
Smartdoggy Puppy agility n Pre agility foundation class

Saturday  6:30pm-8:30pm
Training Focus : Contact Works & Weaves Attack

6pm to 7:30pm
Training Focus: Agility Handling Skills & Troubleshooting

7:30pm to 9pm
Agility n Jumper Course running for all levels.

Self Serve & Non Coaching Practice – SD Agility Field Usage
Free usage exclusively for existing SARTs & Smartdoggy Dogsports Students.
Please contact us 2 days in advance prior to usage.
There will be no usage available on Tuesdays and on Fridays evening

Daytime usage
10am to 4pm: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun

Evening usage:
Wednesday 6pm to 9pm
Thursday 6pm to 9pm